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Austausch mit der Governors' Academy, Oktober 2018

Ansprache von einer unserer Schülerinnen bei unserem letzten Besuch an der Governors' Academy, wo wir während der Assembly der Schulgemeinschaft vorgestellt und begrüßt werden.

Hello everybody,
Dr Quimby, faculty and students

I’d like to start this speech by thanking everyone for making this bi-annual programme possible. First of all, thank you to Mr Seufert and Mr Brace as well as to Mrs Frendo and Mrs Angerhoefer for organizing this programme. A big thank you to the all host families for hosting us, and of course thank you everyone in this room, the Governor’s Academy, for this warm welcome.

This exchange programme may be centred around learning a foreign language. However, there is more to learning a language than just learning new words. It’s also about becoming familiar with another lifestyle and another culture. Culture has been defined as “the way we do things around here”. We Germans want to see the way you guys do things around the Governer’s Academy.

When the American students came to Germany in June, we showed them how we do things. We showed them Berlin and showed them a little about Berlin’s history. However, besides the tourist attractions we also introduced them to some rather unique things, like when we all had Spaghetti ice-cream. For those who might not be familiar with Spaghetti Ice-cream, it’s essentially thin strands of vanilla ice-cream that look like spaghetti. It is topped with whipped cream and served with strawberry sauce.

Looking back, it’s hard to believe that most of us met for the first time in June. At first glance, we were quite a wild mix. We had people of different ages, backgrounds and very different characters.

In just two weeks we got to know each other and found out that maybe we’re not so different after all. I think it’s more than fair to say that we all got along pretty well and I can’t believe how quickly those two weeks passed and how much longer it felt to be waiting to come here.

Now we are so happy to meet again, here at Gov’s and to finally experience your lifestyle first hand. We look forward to seeing the way you guys do things around here.

Dining Hall der Governors' Academy

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